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Neway-e is a business facilitator, with focus on Corporate Relationship & Market Intelligence. We were born from a global experience in connecting professionals to their needs, in order to maximize commercial results. We count on over 10 years of project development in both face-to-face or remotely production and execution. That is why we can conduct your project in any country of the world! Having experience in and with: Brazil, Chile, Uruguai, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Singapore, Macao, the UK, amongst others.

Fields of experience:

• Agribusiness
• E-gaming
• Insurance / Re-insurance
• Legal & Financial
• Logistics & Supply Chain
• Marketing & Innovation
• Medical
• Risk Management & Compliance


Neway-e wishes to develop unique and personalized market intelligence projects that will satisfy our clients and partners specific needs, connecting them to their target audience efficiently and profoundly.


Neway-e seeks to become a reference in corporate events and Market intelligence with effective projects that satisfy our clients and partners in bringing them closer to their target audience.


Neway-e values integrity, loyalty, compromise, attention to detail, focus on client needs and excellence in delivery.